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Delivering Credit Confidence
for Underserved Consumers 

There’s a huge market of US consumers struggling to get credit but are worthy of credit.  Karita sets out to deliver innovative ways to tap into latent creditworthiness and expand access to capital.

Stale, Thin, Credit Invisible
It’s a STCi™ situation

Karita will help nearly 50 million U.S. Adults who are stuck outside of the U.S. Credit system -- Stale, Thin, Credit Invisible (STCi).  It usually takes credit to get credit.  If you are STCi without credit, it’s hard to get unstuck.

Leveling the Playing Field
Developing More Fair, Efficient Credit Access

Responsible leverage of consumer debt has a direct effect on the economic opportunities available to every American.  A growing economy needs vibrant middle-class households with access to credit.  Karita provides solutions to eliminate the financial stress and financial friction associated with being STCi and to develop credit responsible households.

We all need
a nod of support sometimes


Karita develops the STCi and provides them with the most rapid and positive ascent into the US Credit Bureau files.  With the support and backing of their personal and professional communities, Karita then helps the once-STCi become responsible prime borrowers.

stuck blue final.png
Climbing Stairs Blue Final.png
Help Climbing Stairs Blue Final.png

Maintaining good credit
is an ongoing journey

Karita is here to guide the credit journey. 

Karita creates a unique, long-standing financial relationship with the STCi. 

We support credit mix

We execute timely debt payments

We keep you apprised of your score and your credit activity every step of the way

We expand a “thick credit file”

We propel frequent and positive reporting to Credit Bureaus

We’re here to develop you and the people around you in a caring way
-- the Karita way

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